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Why Tax Reform Matters

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Tax Reform Will Allow Businesses of All Sizes to Invest in America

Tax Reform Will Allow Businesses of All Sizes to Invest in America

Learn More About Mike and Camcraft

Meet Mike Bertsche, President and CEO of Camcraft, a 300-person manufacturing company that makes engine components for cars, trucks and construction equipment. Based in Hanover Park, Illinois, Camcraft has been in business and a part of the local community for almost 25 years. Camcraft supplies components to Cummins Inc. and several other leading U.S. companies headed by Business Roundtable members.

Business Roundtable members collectively employ more than 16 million people directly and generate more than $440 billion in revenues annually for small and medium-sized U.S. businesses like Camcraft. Pro-growth tax reform will allow businesses of all sizes to continue to invest in their local communities, hire and increase employee wages.

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Congress Promised Tax Reform, and Congress Needs to Deliver

Congress needs to come together to pass tax reform that will make the country more competitive and create new jobs, increase wages, and keep job creators here in America.

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